What we do?


The elders, who constitute about 3.4 per cent of Nigeria’s population, according to the 2006 population census, are left at the mercies of their children and relations. Project Social welfare Initiative believe that the contribution older people make to society is invaluable, yet older people remain some of the poorest and most neglected in the world.

Some of them that are still strong enough to walk turn to begging; while others stay at home with old age-related ailments unattended to. The old people that have laboured for our Nation Nigeria should not be forgotten, the government does not care about the elderly because they are relatively considered small in number. They usually encounter health issues at old age which include; mental and physical health challenges, urinary and respiratory tract infections, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiovascular disorder, stroke, visual impairment, deafness, liver cirrhosis, renal failure, mental disorder. 

Social welfare Initiative cares about the elderly and remember most importantly to care for your relations/family members, they will take care of you when you are 78 years if you are lucky to get to 65 years, care by the government is never expected.

We are committed to helping them claim their rights, challenge discrimination and overcome poverty.


In our communities orphans have no kin to rely on, Project SWI’s spontaneous intervention is crucial as it will prevent high school drop-out rates, Poverty and educational deprivation are closely linked, educational deprivation is a major cause of material impoverishment, and these orphans are often exploited when in search for survival needs. And in the absence of education, poverty is often carried over from one generation to the next. Six years of primary school, however, are not enough to prepare an individual to lead a self-determined life and gain entry into the labour market. We shall work tirelessly to avert this crisis and send these orphans and street children “Back to School”. Our main partners are public and neighbourhood schools.

Therefore, Social welfare Initiative help orphans and street children from very poor backgrounds. We aim to provide food, school uniforms, shelter and healthcare for them, as they are lacking in these basic necessities. Your support in terms of funding and resources is greatly appreciated, if extended to us, by doing so, we aim to provide them with not only their basic needs, but with confidence and feelings of equality in their environment, Project Social Welfare Initiative for the less privilege promote basic and secondary education within a holistic approach, the aim is to improve access to basic and secondary education and to increase education quality for orphans.


Women’s Empowerment educates and empowers women, who are homeless, with the skills and confidence necessary to secure a job, create a healthy lifestyle and regain a home for themselves and their children. Project Social welfare Initiative is engaged in delivering aid to the economically marginalised & IDP camps with aid i.e. health, skills training, emergency food aid, orphan assistance, medical camps etc.

SWI is tired of:

  • Seeing our Mothers die of ailments,
  • Seeing Children starve without food to eat,
  • Seeing Widows cry for lack of attention.

The livelihoods model Social Welfare Initiative (SWI) use is to provide the means for widows to start small businesses, which comprised skills training in a trade followed by small business management skills and then provision of micro-credit loans and grants to provide business start-up training and loans for projects to help widows.


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