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Social welfare for the less privilege initiative


Social welfare for the less privilege initiative (SWI), started as an initiative of Center for Community Development (CCD), support for the elderly, widows and orphans, in the first quarter, after the successful pilot, the program began expanding its wings in Germany.

Owing to the gradual expansion in the scale of operation SWI has trustees, who meet periodically to discuss the issues and the way forward for the Foundation. Social welfare Initiative with its head office is located in Auchi, Edo state, Nigeria, and is intended to extend to hamlets, major cities and states in Nigeria, the total population of which the project intends to cover are well in the excess of 7 million rural people, in the first phase; with plans to extend further in subsequent phases. The advisory board presently have over 8 members from various backgrounds and different fields of life.

The project SWI, is a request for the finances and logistics needed for extending efficient welfare services to Aged, Orphans and widows in communities. We believe that Welfare’s success in communities should be measured by people we take out of welfare, not how many are added daily.



Social Welfare for the less privilege Initiative was found based on love for humanity and the passion to help instinctively. The founder Jonathan John Akhamie, a business man based in Germany with his family has the compassion to help the poor in his community and listens to the cry of the needy.

An incident occurred in one of his visits to Nigeria that gave rise to the need to change the unbearable situation in one way or the other for the less privileged, the Aged, Orphans and widows in communities. 

He was driving in a community and saw a lot of beggars on the street, they were mostly old women and men, all sitting under the scorching hot sun begging to survive till the next day, a particular incident occurred that made him park his car, he saw a man lying on the floor almost lifeless among the beggars and when he got to the old man, he could not talk, he had a swollen mouth and looked dehydrated, his only words with a stretched arm was ” I AM HUNGRY ” 

He inquired of any hospital around, at the hospital a routine check-up was done on the old man, it was discovered the he suffered from dehydration, severe tooth ache and of course without food in his stomach.

The old man’s story is a very sympathetic one, his homeless situation started after he lost his only son in an accident who was the bread winner of the family. Afterwards, the whole family abandoned him to his faith to die with no care or food to eat, that was how he took to the streets to beg for food.

The old man had a furnished room to move into as soon as he was discharged from the hospital, He realized from this experience how privileged he was to be able to help the old man, which did cost him virtually nothing, this made him to arrive at a decision to do something about these bad conditions and to ensure that Weather one has money or no money, it is good to care for humanity.

With the love and compassion in mind to change the deplorable conditions of the less privilege, he discussed with his business partners and friends from different fields of life, some of them are Doctors, academicians, engineers etc. of his intention to officially help the poor and helpless, hence, the name Social Welfare for the less privilege Initiative.

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